How To Wear A Headset


Wearing a headset correctly is important for both comfort and safety. If you're wearing it correctly, you'll be able to hear clearly and comfortably - which means you'll work more productively.

But if your headset isn't adjusted properly, it could also hurt your hearing or even fall off while riding in a car or train. Follow these steps to make sure that doesn't happen!

Put on the headband.

  • Put the headband on your head. The headband should be level and comfortable, with no pressure points.

  • If you have a long ponytail or long hair, try putting it in a low bun before putting on the headset so that it doesn't get tangled in the headset's wire mesh or around your earpieces.

  • Make sure each earpiece is level with your earlobe if they aren't, adjust them accordingly until they are.

You'll want to make sure that when you're wearing a headset properly, none of its parts are pressing uncomfortably against any part of your face (or pulling at an uncomfortable angle).

Put the earpieces on your ears.

  • Make sure you have the earpieces in the right place.

  • Check that they don't feel too loose.

  • Make sure they are not touching your ears or earlobes.

Adjust the headband.

Once the headband is in place, you can adjust its size to ensure that it is neither too tight nor too loose. A headset that's too tight can cause headaches and discomfort, while one that's too loose may irritate your ears or fall off entirely.

To adjust the headband, first loosen the screw on either side of your earcup.

Then pull or push each end of your headband until you get it to fit exactly how you want it to feel whether that means moving closer together or further apart doesn't matter as long as they're comfortable!

If you wear a headset correctly it will be both comfortable and functional

If you wear a headset correctly, it will be both comfortable and functional keeping your hands free while preserving the ability to communicate with others.


Now you know how to wear a headset.

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